we3coaches – Your Growth, Our Purpose

Growth is integral to any business.

Whether your business is just starting, cruising steadily on the path of growth, or stagnating for various reasons!

At we3coaches, we believe that growth should be conscious and intentional irrespective of the stage of business. When growth objectives are conscious and intentional, they imbibe ownership, commitment and accountability at every level. Ownership, commitment and accountability are factors that bring about alignment to the vision, mission and objectives of the organization cascading from the top leadership level to the lowest rung of execution.

And such an alignment is the keystone for accelerated business growth.

we3coaches – Growth Consulting Methodology

  • Partner with high-growth-potential organizations in a long-term, co-creative partnership model.
  • Deploy deep inquiry, empathy and profound analytical ability in the process of assessing the gaps between the strategic apex and operational core of any organization and its vision, mission and objectives.
  • Align the organizational leadership’s understanding of its vision, mission and objectives and cascade them down to the bottom-most levels.
  • Transform the people, process and performance levers of the organization to make them amenable for holistic, sustainable and accelerated growth.

Our 3A Growth Model

we3coaches integrates its core values of trust, integrity, transparency and ownership with its 360-degree business view, co-creative approach and long-term partnership engagement across the following three stages of its proprietary organizational transformation model:

Our Team

Our 100+ years of cumulative experience is only a number. The real testimony of our expertise is the value we have delivered across the length and breadth of the enterprises we have served. From HR to L&D, from product management to P&L, from M&A integration to process reengineering, we have done it all. We have created strong value for clients and investors and delivered sustained profitability. Additionally, we have pioneered disruptive and innovative practices such as rural staffing and automation, championed diversity and inclusion, transitioned processes, reimagined strategies and transformed the enterprises we have served.

N Venkatraman

Markets & Strategy

A high-energy organization builder with a passion for incubating, establishing and scaling new businesses.

N K Venkat Narayanan

Program Design & Delivery

Business leader and coach, passionate about enabling professionals to achieve their full and unlimited potential.

Mukesh Sharma

Technology & Products

Senior leadership coach and workforce management specialist, focusing on team harmony with new perspectives.


S Krishnaswamy

Technology Advisor

Senior technology architect with multi-domain strategic and operational functional expertise in IT, systems and processes.

Key Results of the we3coaches Growth Partnership

Benefits of the we3coaches Growth Partnership

Our Partners

We partner with best-in-class experts for solution delivery for our clients. Our three-way consulting + solution delivery partnership with our clients creates substantial synergies and efficiencies across our projects.

Culture & Values

At we3coaches, we foster a supportive, collaborative and co-creative working culture with our clientele on a bedrock of trust, which allows us to effectively serve growth-seeking individuals and businesses as their long-term partners.

Our innovative 3A model for business growth focuses on achieving alignment of people, processes and practices with the vision and goals at every level of the organization. Our consulting approach blends intuition, empathy and perspective-driving inquiry methods, using which we deliver impactful, sustainable and holistic growth for passionate and mission-driven organizations like you.