Personal Effectiveness Programs

For every individual to thrive in the area of personal effectiveness, they need to inculcate characteristics that allow them to perform to their fullest potential and stay aligned with their personal vision and purpose. An individual’s personal effectiveness is a strong determinant of their ability to perform their roles in every walk of life. we3coaches’ Enhance range of personal effectiveness programs aim to hone individual strengths and abilities for performance and personal effectiveness, leading to fulfilment and happiness in life.

Enhance Your Persona Quotient (EPQ)

Enhance Your Persona Quotient is an invigorating coaching exercise in a group setting conducted over a period of 6-8 weeks, with individuals being coached by senior ICF-credentialed coaches using a highly effective, structured process of reflective inquiry. In each session, one person is coached with the rest of the group being observers. Coaches and participants share their observations at the end of the session, leading to powerful insights and experience sharing for all participants, over and above the benefits of coaching.

What You Get

  • 8 sessions of 60-minute duration
  • Structured coaching by ICF-credentialed senior coaches
  • Collective learning with a heterogenous group
  • Mentoring and feedback
  • Insights from fellow participants
  • Safe and non-judgmental platform for deriving reflective insights

Program Outcomes

  • Identification and leveraging of strengths
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs
  • Improved confidence and commitment levels
  • Better introspection abilities
  • Accountability partnership from coaches and fellow participants
  • Continuous support and learning resources

Enhance Your Mindfulness Quotient (EMQ)

Enhance Your Mindfulness Quotient is a science-based mindfulness training program that is designed to equip participants with a conceptual understanding of the practice of mindfulness as well as the tools and techniques to practice it effectively and derive its many benefits.

What You Will Learn

  • The concept of mindfulness, characteristics and benefits
  • Deep dive into the specific elements of mindfulness
  • Research and evidence on the practice of mindfulness
  • Mindfulness in the context of life and perceptions
  • The psychological processes that form the foundation of mindfulness
  • Practices that help integrate mindfulness into your daily routine
  • Internalization of concept and takeaways
  • Reflections and sharing of real-life experiences by participants

Program Outcomes

  • Comprehensive knowledge about the method of mindfulness practice and its benefits
  • Lower levels of stress, anxiety, depression and worry
  • Greater levels of gratitude, hope, happiness and vitality
  • Lifetime access to the community of participants for continued learning
  • Ongoing Questions and answers (Q&A) sessions and doubt-clearing from facilitators

Enhance Your Self Quotient (ESQ)

Enhance Your Self Quotient is a multi-session coaching engagement for individuals from all walks of life. Coaching is a powerful self-development tool that creates lasting positive impact on all aspects of life including relationships, individual and business performance. Individuals become more self-aware and better equipped to make informed decisions for themselves as well as stay committed and accountable to their chosen goals. Senior, ICF-credentialed coaches with rich experience in both coaching and corporate enterprises facilitate powerful sessions at the location and convenience of participants on a one-on-one basis.

What You Get

  • Multiple sessions of 60-minute coaching
  • Multiple areas to choose from – life coaching, career coaching, relationships coaching, executive coaching, business coaching etc.
  • Senior, credentialed ICF coach of your choice
  • Nudges, follow-ups and accountability checks on your goals and actionables
  • Resources and content for self-development


  • Advancement in life purpose and goals
  • Career development
  • Relationship and self-management
  • Improved fulfilment
  • Maximizing potential and performance
  • Improved productivity
  • Enhanced leadership, professional and creative potential

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