Awareness & Visioning Workshops

The success of any enterprise depends on clearly articulated and communicated vision and its cascading across the organization, starting from the top leadership. This ensures complete understanding and alignment to the vision and perfect synergy between leaders and their teams, leading to success.

Wellspring workshops from we3coaches focus on imparting greater self-awareness, understanding of purpose and perception of co-workers for leaders through engaging and thought-provoking activities and exercises to better align leaders’ vision to that of the company and communicate the same influentially to their teams.

With growing size and revenues, articulating and cascading the vision clearly to every level – from the topmost to the lowest rung – are indispensable. Wellspring workshops are meticulously designed for addressing the vision discovery/cascade in organizations and can be customized for medium-to-large organizations with multiple large teams or a startup or a small business riding the furious waves of change. In these workshops, we address the key requirement of leaders for articulating vision and gaining the buy-in of employees – their self-awareness.

What You Will Experience

  • Business challenges-based role-play
  • Self-awareness on perceptions, biases and judgment and their impact on interpersonal relationships, behavior and progress
  • SWOT discussion and analysis
  • Vision development and cascade modeling
  • First-cut roadmap development for company goal
  • Introduction to mindfulness

Program Outcomes

  • Spelled-out common vision
  • Deeper team cohesion and bonding
  • Individual vision alignment with organization vision
  • Awareness of leadership, operational styles and persona
  • Strategic and tactical commitments – “I Will” statements
  • Assessment of training and skill development areas

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