Leadership Development Programs

The evolution of the industrial landscape, characterized by technology developments such as automation, digitization, cloud etc., and accelerated by external forces such as the pandemic has driven the adoption of new workplace practices, thereby giving rise to new leadership challenges and shifting paradigms. As your organization strives to stay ahead of this mercurial pace of change, there is a compelling need for your leaders to stay agile and make swift decisions in the wake of new, emerging business models, leadership structures and empowering methods.

With their comprehensive toolkit comprising coaching fundamentals, mentoring modules and competencies, and interactive immersive formats including role plays and demonstrations, we3coaches’ leadership programs train established as well as emerging leaders in adapting to new challenges by exploring within, making transformational changes in one’s persona, which also includes adopting a coaching mindset to lead more effectively.

Amplifying Leadership Persona (Team/Group Coaching and Mentoring)

At every level of the organization, its leadership as well as teams need to stay aligned with its vision and objectives. The good news is that the hard skills, personality traits, interpersonal relationships and trust equity that allow employees to display this alignment can be developed by regular honing of persona.

Amplifying Leadership Persona enables recognition of the true self and fine tuning the persona to realize and unleash one's fullest potential. This leads to significantly improved contributions to the growth and realization of the vision and mission of the organization.

What You Get

  • 8 sessions of 60-minute duration
  • Joint goal setting with management and participant
  • 1-1 coaching and mentoring in a group setting
  • Insights from fellow participants
  • Introduction to tools and techniques for self-awareness and persona development
  • Safe and non-judgmental space for deriving reflective insights

Program Outcomes

  • Identification and leveraging of strengths
  • Overcoming self-limiting beliefs and blocks
  • Improved confidence and commitment levels
  • Better introspection abilities
  • Accountability partnership from coaches and fellow participants
  • Continuous support and learning resources
  • Periodic review with management and participant

One-on-One Executive and Leadership Coaching

we3coaches’ one-on-one executive and leadership coaching programs impart indispensable attributes in leaders, such as assertiveness, empathy, proactiveness, vision, tenacity, resilience, accountability and ownership, to name a few. The various aspects of leadership persona development that participants get coached on allow for successful learning and internalization of techniques that can be effectively applied to enhance the leadership quotient of the organization at large, starting with the individual leaders.

What You Will Get

  • Initial discussion with program sponsor and participant for enumeration of potential goals
  • Individual development plans and achievement milestones
  • Individual coaching and mentoring
  • Introduction to tools and techniques for self-awareness and persona development
  • Closing review with participant and sponsor
  • Extended support for participants with resources and follow-up mentoring

Program Outcomes

  • Enhanced self-awareness
  • Deepened knowledge of perception by self and co-workers
  • Clear common purpose
  • Improved interpersonal, work and team relationships
  • Greater bonding in team environments
  • Alignment and commitment towards common objectives
  • Greater belongingness and camaraderie

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