By Tram

In my career I have had the great fortune of providing employment to several 1000 graduates for the different Companies I worked for... But while I was President at Scope I had an extremely unique opportunity to provide employment to 14 visually impaired graduates in partnership with Rotary Club of Madras Coromandel and Karna Vidya Foundation. These 14 people never wanted sympathy and wanted to compete with the rest of their colleagues - they trained well, absorbed the nuances and brilliantly performed their tasks which required them to use their knowledge. A very soulful experience like never before in my career - extremely fulfilling to have made an impact on 14 lives..

Another great career experiences was setting up a rural knowledge services center for Scope at a place called Kakkapalayam@Salem, Tamilnadu. It gave us - the leadership team @Scope one of the most humbling opportunities in life - hire, train and empower young, bright Engineers and Science grads from Salem, Dharmapuri, Erode, Tiruchengode belt in SW Tamilnadu....we had a gender mix 60-40 women-men. Very energetic, highly trainable grads who had a dream to put their education to good use - children who might otherwise have missed out on an opportunity.. Their growth in confidence, sheer performance, getting rewarded by very senior client managers and intellectuals was a fantastic experience for us.... The icon Nelson Mandela's words so resonate with me as I saw his statement now....many of our colleagues at Salem came from humble back grounds but performed and prospered so well... I wish I was a coach then - maybe I would have had the chance to work with them as a coach as well... Gratitude to Dr Prof PSS the incredibly high energy edupreneur with a tremendous vision for his wonderful institution KIOT & KBSS