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How many of us resonate with this very innovative definition of tomorrow in the frame below? Or feel it is a good sense of humour?

It is so true - many times despite planned and structured days, with scientifically chronologized calendars on our devices we slip into a trap called procrastination.

Many leaders have told us in sessions that they have a beautifully planned day, hit the office at 9ish and all is going well. They actually start feeling proud of themselves with their ability to maintain the schedule and tick the boxes on the open items list.

Suddenly the boss sends an email or calls and asks for a report to be turned around in next 2 hours and then the day is in a disarray. Because it is not just the report but the tension that goes with it as well as the frustration "oh my day is gone".

Similarly, a dealer walks into office and that cup of tea for courtesy becomes an extended conversation and time just ticks away. This is also unscheduled and a dealer in a business is a very important entity who cannot be waved away by a calendar entry. Like Gandhi says he is the reason for our existence.

Many such scenarios start unraveling as we explore, and leaders begin to realize that when such sudden uncontrollable events occur, they have to redial. Because they become aware that this is normal.

Then we get them to explore what they would need to do to deal with this issue.

So, now, what they think is a procrastination issue eventually turns out to be a scheduling vs prioritization issue and once that hits home they heave a sigh of relief.

In the rumble tumble world of deadlines and deliverables such tomorrows are inevitable.

Once leaders get a handle on managing their schedules, accommodating unscheduled but necessary interventions in the day, learn to delegate and still manage deliverables as and when feasible it becomes a win win.

Then the slide below becomes a good one to have a laugh and move on with a knowing smile telling oneself " I was there once"!!!!